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Always happy to see my books in bookstores, but even happier when I meet up a happy reader…

Aammton Alias is a passionate nonconformist idealist, his views and ideas to problem-solving are out-of-the-box. Some of his peers find that his ideas, either ignore or defy the political environment & sensitivities, and do not fit in the comfort-zones of the sheltered;. He is currently working as a family physician.

There are two phrases he may tell you when it comes to approaching issues:

First, the story of Alexander the Great and the cutting of the Gordian Knot. He defines much of his action by this phrase.

Second, having been in the Scouts, he may frequently use the phrase: “Chance Favours the Prepared Mind” *Louis Pasteur

He is an advocate for those who seek his help, and his compassion has made him an activist of various causes. He believes that his instinctive nature to defy and to challenge is directly related to his Irish-Scottish ancestry.

If you ever meet him, the first thing he will do is convince you to have coffee with him, brewed using his Aeropress coffee maker, keen to tell you the history of the coffee beans at hand.

He has one traditionally published non-fiction book.

Currently, he is STILL working on the 3rd book in his supernatural fantasy thriller novel series.

His books can also be found at www.aammton.b1percent.com (amazon).

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I have an intent of writing more here but let’s leave it as it is.

Nice design, right?

Because it is a silly template which I have to put more work in and think of really witty things to say.

  1. Some list items here
  2. Ground round shankle short ribs
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Sometimes it’s hard to keep writing when you are completely out of steam 

Great, keep reading…

Pretend that you are reading and that I have written something so amazing here that it has changed the world.

That reminds me of a joke: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb? The answer is One, but the lightbulb has got to want to change itself first. 

I suppose I should not write jokes.